About Decards

Life in Britain runs at such a pace, we have little time for the old values we cherish so much. Technology helps us get things done in a fraction of the time it used to and with maximized convenience. However there is something in human nature that does not always want the easily achieved; does not respect the short cut routes to a result. Designer, branded commodities have never been so sort after as they are today. People are striving to find individuality in our mass production disposable society.

In Japan there is a quality known as Wabi, people place greatest value on things that are used and old. A broken and repaired ornament is of greater value than a pristine example of the same ornament; they make their repairs with gold and precious materials. The Decard has been created out of these feelings people have, they are about turning our backs on the instant and impersonal emails that bounced back and forth, and then deleted in an instant. They are beautifully designed to create an experience, a living product, much like the vinyl record we still love.

The Decard is asking us to take time to think of something to important to write, something that will be read and reread over and over again, and to chose a picture that will speak a thousand more words. The Decard is not sent to everyone we know, whenever we feel the urge, but sent to someone who we feel are extra special; our parents, brothers and sisters, best friends and loved ones. They are meant to forge a link over distance and create a theatre for collecting special moments.

We want the Decard to bridge the gap between generations, provide wonderful insights into peoples lives, enable the collection and protection of thoughts, stories and happenings that are so easily lost because there is not formal way to collect and protect them.

As we speak to people about the Decard, it seems as if they have been waiting for something just like them for so long, and canít understand why they have not been around for years already. We hope you enjoy the cards and hope you will let us know what you think of them over time, and how you have used them.

Our close and special people are spread far and wide. The Decard appeals to our sentimental nature and gives us a way to stay in touch with each other in a much more personal way.